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Yellow Chakra Calcite Stone Pendant Necklace

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Yellow Chakra Calcite Stone Pendant Necklace
Yellow Chakra Calcite Stone Pendant Necklace
Yellow Chakra Calcite Stone Pendant Necklace
Yellow Chakra Calcite Stone Pendant Necklace
Yellow Chakra Calcite Stone Pendant Necklace

This stunning yellow Calcite Stone Pendant Necklace is Handcrafted using Sterling Silver plated Copper wire. The chain is approximately 30"-31" in Length, and is designed using unique triangler and Round shapes. Each individual link is carefully cut and connected by hand. The Stone is approximately 1 1/2" X 1"  making the entire pendant measure out to be approximately 2" X 1". The calcite Stone is oddly Shaped making the Necklace one of a kind.

The Calcite Stone is known to represent the Solar Plexus the 3rd of 7 chakras. It has been known to promote Confidence, Humor, Laughter, and warmth.

In a healthy balanced person the 7 chakras provide exactly the right amount of energy to every part of your body, mind, and spirit 

The 3rd chakra is the Solar Plexus or Manipura which translates to “lustrous gem.” This chakra is where your self-confidence, identity and personal power are born.

Have you ever been in a situation that you just knew wasn’t right for you?

Perhaps you’ve been in a situation that you knew was going to work out. Where did you feel those cues in your body. Most people say they feel those types of cues in their “gut.”

In reality, this is the seat of your personal power, your solar plexus, and you can physically feel that confidence and wisdom in its location.

Yellow Calcite is associated with self confidence and hope.

It is said to be effective at clearing out old energy patterns and increasing personal motivation and drive. Yellow Calcite specifically is a clearer of accumulated self doubt, giving you the opportunity for a clean emotional slate.

It is also known as a mind stone as it heightens mental discernment and analysis, increases memory and the ability to learn quickly and efficiently, great to have around your neck during revision/tests etc.  Calcite is by far the the best stone for anyone studying.

It is a powerful energy cleanser amplifier.  The energy of Calcite purifies and cleans out negative energy from pretty much anywhere, including within you.

For physical crystal healing calcite is said to be helpful for conditions of the joints, visual disturbances and viruses

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