Meet The Designer/Owner

Hi Guys, and Gals
            I wanted to take a minute, first of all to Thank You for taking the time out of your busy lives to learn more about myself, Marie's Handmade Jewelry, and MHJ Graphics!

Allow me to introduce myself, My Name is Marie McMillan. I come from a small town in the state of New York called Auburn. I have been making Handmade Jewelry for about 5 years, I started in April of 2014.

Let me tell you how it all started, youtube!

One day I watched a youtube educational video on how to make Jewelry, I thought to myself that looks like a lot of fun "Hard work" but who said "Hard Work" couldn't be fun? I bought a handful of materials and got to work, about 3 hours later I finished my first piece. I was so excited, the necklace was beautiful. I posted it on Facebook and got a ton of responses and support from Friends, Family, and even from people I didn't know. I decided to make a few more Pieces of Jewelry and just like my first piece, I posted them on Facebook. To my surprise I made my very first sale! A very sweet women from Africa was my very first customer, the thought of something I made traveling all the way from the USA to Africa inspired me, Marie's Handmade Jewelry was born.

Over the years I've dabbled with other things as well as Handmade Jewelry, In 2019 I was scrolling Facebook and noticed all the inspirational, funny, and sassy quotes that others were posting, one day I designed my own and found I really enjoy Graphic design! I thought of different ways to get my designs seen and enjoyed by others, then it hit me What better way than Sticking it on a T-shirt? I didn't have the equipment to do the printing myself so I researched company's who offer print on demand services, I submitted my designs and POOF we became MHJ Graphics!

I didn't want to lose the look and feel of Marie's Handmade Jewelry, It's what my customers know and have known for the last 5 years or so. Changing the name was not an option, so I decided why not extend for lack of a better term Partnership with MHJ Graphics, Each company can stand alone but work together effortlessly.

In August of 2019 we became

Marie's Handmade Jewelry & MHJ Graphics!

Without the support of my Customers, Friends, and Family this could never be possible so again, I want to Thank all of You!

Yours Truly,

Marie McMillan