The Seven Chakras Handmade Silver Necklace

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The Seven Chakras handmade silver Necklace.

The 7 chakras Handmade silver Necklace, beautifully made by Marie McMillan of Marie's Handmade Jewelry. The Necklace is approximately 18 inches in Length and is Handcrafted using 18g silver plated Jewelry wire the color of the metal is silver, we also used round beads in creating this piece each representing its color and place within the chakra permid.

Handmade Anti Tarnish Sterling Silver Plated 18" inch Handmade Silver Necklace with the 7 chakra colored beads and a handmade decorative clasp

Brand- Marie's Handmade Jewelry 

Creator- Marie McMillan 

Date Made- 2019

Jewelry Type- Handmade silver Necklaces, beaded Necklaces, Chakra Healing Jewelry 

Theme- Chakra Jewelry 

Metal Used- Anti Tarnish 18g Sterling Silver Plated Copper used for the Chain and clasp

Metal Color- Silver 

Other Material Used- Glass Beads

Length/Size- Approximately 18"  inches 

Charm- None

Stone Used- No Stone

Beads Used- Glass Beads, Purple, Dark Blue, Turquoise, green, yellow, tan/tigers eye, red

Type Of Clasp- Handmade designer Silver Clasp 

Made in the USA

Ships from the USA 

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